"The President’s Award is given to a person or organization that has provided exceptional support to the Maine International Trade Center, and we cannot think of one individual who has given so much as outgoing Investment Managing Director Annette Bossler. Ms. Bossler, a native of Germany, made Maine her home seven years ago. Since then, she has truly added to
the State of Maine economy through her consulting work at Maine International Consulting, her tireless business attraction efforts through MITC’s Invest in Maine program, and her many volunteer efforts in her town of Bremen and the Midcoast region. Working closely with the renewable energy, advanced materials, and aerospace industries, she has marketed Maine’s
assets to companies and individuals throughout Europe, Asia, Canada, and Latin America. Her multi-lingual capacities and deep relationships throughout the world, especially in Germany and Japan, have helped many Maine companies in their efforts to launch internationally." Janine B. Cary, President, Maine International Trade Center, May 2013

“I was introduced to Annette through LinkedIn. With Annette we finally found an independent consultant who provided all the skills and support we were looking for: extensive knowledge of Japan and how to operate a business there, fluency in Japanese, solid understanding of supply chain in addition to expertise in Sales and Marketing as well as the ability to connect with our HQ staff and the team in Japan. Annette's support has been efficient and successful; she truly is a high value resource.” US Client, June 2009

"I had the pleasure of working with Annette on a supply chain related project in Japan in which she was consulting for a foreign company looking to make some changes, including to their real estate footprint.
I found Annette to be professional, responsive, cooperative, and truly focused on finding the best solution for her client, but in a way that was respectful of the bidders in the project.
I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again and I would recommend her for similar consulting engagements."Business Partner, March 2009

"I recommend Annette to be the best service provider.
Annette provided our company with the best support in the overall IT & operational area to improve day to day processes. She defined problem areas right a way, studied the actual data/work flows, found solutions and gave us best results within the required  time frame.
She also helped us in researching, studying and choosing the best 3PL service provider from all over Japan. She has given us very professional support in everything in a very impressive and professional way.
She is very capable, very sharp, exceptionally good at finding the exact problem right a way, excellent in organizing data and using it whenever necessary. I am very much impressed the way she does things."  Japanese Client, March 2009

"Annette is one of the most analytical and detail oriented people I have had the pleasure of working with. She has a comprehensive knowledge of Sourcing and is deeply respected by the vendors she works with. Annette also has an amazing can-do attitude and diverse talents including her multi-lingual capabilities. She is a tremendous asset to any organization and can wear many hats!" US Client, June 2008

“Annette has been extremely helpful during rough times when all the sourcing organization was reset. She was able to manage in house sourcing team in order to provide very efficient solutions for many pending issues related to packaging and products sourcing. Annette is full of energy which is a real asset in team building and she has a great sense of commitment.” European Client., July 2007

“It has been my pleasure to work with Annette. She is an insightful marketer and an outstanding manager. She easily translated her experience to our project needs. I had the privilege of working with Annette on a multinational project and found her to have a strong grasp of consumers and distribution challenges in many countries.” US Business Partner, March 2006